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CS 103: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

CS 103 is a survey course for people interested in the offensive side of cybersecurity. This class will cover approaches that hackers use to infiltrate and exploit systems, as well as focus on the appropriate laws and regulations pertaining to cybersecurity. We’ll cover fundamental offensive security techniques that nation-state actors use, and teach students how to defend against these attacks.

Why should I take this class?

Computer systems are being more integrated into our lives, and we’ll teach you how to keep your smart systems secure. This class is also a good stepping stone to see if a career in cybersecurity is a fit for you.

Who should take this class?

Anyone who is interested in a deep dive into cybersecurity! A job in cybersecurity is an exciting career and there is never a boring day in cyber!


  • Basic understanding of coding
  • Algebra I

What will I get from this class?

  • An understanding of key cybersecurity tools - We’ll be using real tools in this class that are used by real professionals in industry. You’ll learn how to use these tools as they are used in the real world
  • A Certificate of Completion - Show the world what you know! If you pass the class, you’ll get an official certificate that you can add to our resume or college application.

Not your typical online class!

We’ll be using state of the art collaboration software to make this class more interactive than any online class you’ve ever taken before! To learn more, check out WorkAdventure here.


Week Topic
Week 1 Virtualization
Week 2 OSINT
Week 3 Social Engineering
Week 4 Networking and Tools
Week 5 Vulverablilty Discovery
Week 6 Post Exploitation
Week 7 Rules and Regulations
Week 8 Capture the Flag
Week 9 Cryptography

Instructional Staff

Instructor: Thanhnhan Nguyen

Thanhnhan is an experienced security professional. Please click the link above to learn more.

Upcoming Sessions

Summer 2024

  • Course Dates: June 3rd, 2024 - Aug 2nd, 2024
  • 9 Week Session
  • Course Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Central Time | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Course Location: Online with WorkAdventure!
  • Course Cost: $300 (Financial aid available!)
  • Syllabus: To be posted!
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